Speaker list for tomorrow night & prizes!

We are pretty excited about our speaker line up for tomorrow night. It’s going to be jam packed full of awesomeness.

Our speakers for tomorrow night will be:

  • Carina C. Zona
  • Estelle Weyl
  • Megan Bowra Dean
  • Sarah Mei

They have amazing talks but if you can’t wait you can find their bio’s on the WDCNZ website here.

Tickets will shut down tonight at 10pm and we’ll operate a waitlist for any cancellations. This is so we can get final numbers for our dinner.

We also have a heap of prizes thanks to some amazing companies – see you all tomorrow!

Speaker announcement – Carina C. Zona

We’d like to announce one of our speakers for our dinner on Tuesday. Carina C. Zona who is from the WDCNZ event will be speaking and below is information and a bio on Carina.

Many programming conferences still launch with speaker lineups that are comprised exclusively of men.  There’s been growing focus on the problem. Good start! Yet even among conferences that invest a lot of effort into increasing gender diversity, having women account for 20% of attendees is considered a rare and boast-worthy accomplishment. It’s not enough.

Conference speaking opens up exciting career opportunties, expands professional networks, and can be a pathway to substantially higher salary. Its crucial to make space for people are underrepresented in the profession and at the podium. Our perspectives are missing from conversations that urgently need new thought leaders’ voices.

In 2013, Carina C. Zona founded CallbackWomen with a mission of bringing more tech women into conference speaking. She’ll be discussing what CallbackWomen does, what it takes for conferences to meaningfully increase gender diversity at the podium, and how tech women can step into the spotlight as speakers.


Carina C. Zona is a San Francisco-based developer, speaker, and community manager. She’s spoken at more than 20 Ruby, Python, JavaScript, and PHP conferences around the world. She is the founder of CallbackWomen, which is on a mission to bring more tech women into conference speaking. Carina reads 800+ programming conferences’ calls for proposals (CFPs) per year.  As member of program committees for Fluent Conference and OSCON, she had evaluated hundreds of speaking proposals.

July 2015 Dinner

We are delighted to announce a full girl geek dinner. That’s right, we’ll have dinner this time.


The details:
Tue 21st Jul 6:00pm – 8:00pm @ Zaika restaurant in upper Willis street.

A full dinner of curry feasting. A range of vegetarian and meat dishes will be served to each table to share. Buy your own drinks at the bar.
2 to 3 speakers (to be announced very very soon, we promise they’ll be great speakers)

This event is for women and gender minorities. Cis-men may attend only as a “plus one”.

Ticket prices are:
$5 for students
$1 for solo parents
$30 for everyone else.


Catalyst IT
(these folks have sponsors EVERY SINGLE ONE of our events. They totally rock)

Lil Regie
Rabid Tech

Kiwicon 8 Cocktails and Canapes

Hey all! Sorry for the late arrival of information, but I hope you can join us for the Kiwicon 8 edition of the Wellington GGD. Wednesday December 10 from 6-8 PM at Motel, we’ll be gathering for cocktails, mocktails and canapes! Please RSVP here!

Thank you to the generous folks at Kiwicon for sponsoring this event! You’re amazing.

Pizza night at the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Museum

Tomorrow night (October 23), we’re delighted to have Michelle Baker speak to the group. Michelle is an Advisor at Office of Film and Literature Classification, where she runs the Office’s websites, social media, and handles all manner of inquiries from people. Her super power is falling asleep pretty much anywhere, especially in movie theatres (but not when she’s watching them for work). Movies, dinosaurs and karaoke are some of her favourite things.

Her talk is titled “What the **** – a brief tour through New Zealand’s censorship history”

The media which our society produces and consumes has always been cause for debate about the effects, positive or negative (though more often than not focussing on the negative), on its audience. From the influence of the written word on perceptions of religion and politics, to the concerns over films chipping away at society’s moral fibre, to the debates over whether video games make people violent – the media, who accesses it and who stops them has been a constantly evolving and ongoing story both in New Zealand and around the world.

What our society deems to be okay – and not – is reflected in the way films, books and other publications are classified. New Zealand has had film censorship legislation since 1916, and there have been some interesting (and occasionally odd) decisions assigned to various things over the last nine or so decades. Do you know about the unusual (and unique) decision assigned to the 1967 film Ulysses? Why was a book of rugby songs banned? Just how many drink cans have been classified in New Zealand? Come on a brief tour of some of the highlights (or lowpoints?) of New Zealand’s censorship history.

For tickets, check out https://www.eventbrite.com/e/october-wellington-girl-geek-pizza-dinner-tickets-13596997987 . Hope to see you there!

October 2014 Pizza Dinner


GGD pizza evening happening at the Reserve Bank again.
Thursday, 23rd October 2014 from 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM

Get your tickets here:

Big thank you to our repeat sponsors:
* Catalyst IT
* Rabid Tech



Thank you!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to the Wellington event last night. It was great to see familiar faces and meet new folks as well. Thanks to Rabid Tech and Catalyst for sponsoring and thanks to Jennifer Dickinson and Megan Whelan for speaking.

If you were looking for the information on the Kiwi Pycon conference that Jen Zajac talked about, you can find it at http://kiwi.pycon.org/

Our next event is tentatively Oct 23. Save the date and we’ll update on the details closer to the event. If you’d like to speak, drop us an email at  wellingtonggd@gmail.com and let’s talk!

Pizza night this week – The Sponsors!

Without our lovely sponsors, we would be unable to have these events for you. Our deep gratitude goes out to everyone who has sponsored events in the past and especially to those who have stepped up to support this event.

Rabid Logo

Rabid are a technology company based in Wellington, New Zealand. Rabid are experts in modern web development, with wide interests and top-notch skills. They contribute to open source communities and favour projects that do good.


Open Source technologies company Catalyst IT have been a sponsor of several of our Geek Girl Dinner events in New Zealand in the last few years. With their main office here in Wellington, and other offices in Auckland, Christchurch, Sydney, Melbourne and Brighton, Catalyst is the largest New Zealand owned company specialising in open source development and services. Catalyst is a one-stop-shop with expertise in everything from design and business analysis, right though to large scale hosting services. Find out more at http://catalyst.net.nz

Pizza night this week – The Speakers!

Sorry for being quiet on the update front. Things here have been a little busy, but here’s some detail for Thursday’s event:

Please come to the Reserve Bank of New Zealand at 2 The Terrace around 5:30 PM. The Museum is just to the right as you walk in the main entrance. Pizza and drinks will be served shortly thereafter with talks starting at 6:15. We’ve got 2 speakers this time around.

First up is Jennifer Dickinson. Jennifer started her professional life as a lawyer, joining HunterMaclean in Savannah, Georgia (US) in 2001 as a litigation associate. As a litigator, she represented employers in federal discrimination and harassment lawsuits. After nine years of litigation, she moved to Wellington in June 2010 and began working for FairWay Resolution Limited (formerly Dispute Resolution Services Limited) as a Reviewer in the administrative tribunal setting. Ms Dickinson worked as an adjudicator working primarily with Accident Compensation Corporation claims and claims in the telecommunications arena, before moving into her current management position.

And then it happened. She slowly turned from someone who looked at all technology with a sceptical gaze and referred to it as “computery stuff”, to being able to hold her own in discussions about the merits of SaaS (or PaaS or DaaS). She successfully led two significant dispute resolution and technology projects, one internal to FairWay, and one cross-ministry project. She consults with the business on business transformation strategy and supportive technology and works directly with the software developers to ensure that technology assists and supports business requirements.

And she wouldn’t have been able to do it had she not been a lawyer.

The title of her presentation is A Lawyer and an IT Project Manager Walk into a Bar: The Transition from Law to Technology is No Joke

Our second speaker is Megan Whelan from The Wireless. Megan has worked at Radio New Zealand for much longer than she ever meant to, with stints in news, sport, and the award-winning Radio New Zealand International team. She has covered everything from elections to earthquakes (and tsunamis and cyclones), but her favourite reporting experience will always be the time she interviewed a not-entirely-sober Margaret Mahy.

Before becoming a journalist, Megan did a Masters degree in political science, and was shocked when the topic of her thesis actually came in handy later in life.

When she’s not at work (and sometimes when she is), she knits, brushes up on her understanding of brewing, and is amused by people trying to have serious political discussions on Twitter. She hopes one day to own two cats and a French bulldog called Gladstone, and is never not trying to find the perfect GIF.

She will be talking about the journey they had building The Wireless.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Pizza at the Reserve Bank Museum

Hello everyone who might actually see this!

It’s been quite a while since our last “real” event last November. We’ve decided to try things a little differently following a successful last minute event in June. And so, the bi-monthly pizza evenings are born.

The event this month will be on August 28, and will be held at the Reserve Bank Museum. I’ll be announcing speakers and sponsors over the next few days, but wanted to get the booking process started. Spots can be reserved via Eventbrite.

Also, if you’d like to speak at this (or another event), please get in touch!

Many thanks to our sponsors: