About us

The Wellington Girl Geek Dinners is run by a bunch of passionate women.

We run on a shoestring budget, grassroots, and volunteer – and some help from our sponsors.

The Wellington dinners were kicked off in March 2008 by Brenda Wallace. We’ve had many dinners since. We had a bit of a break in 2010 & 2011 due to illness, new babies, and other time commitments. But we’re back, attempting to organise monthly events!

If you wish to get in touch with the team you can contact them via theĀ contact form or we’re on Twitter and Facebook too.

Current Team

President: Michelle Burke
Secretary: Amber Craig
Treasurer: Brenda Wallace

Past Chief Organisers

* Michelle Baker 2013 to present
* Jen Zajac 2012
* Amber Craig 2009 to 2010
* Brenda Wallace 2008 to 2009

Also many thanks to the tens of volunteers who have helped Wellington GGD over the years.